Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pillow(top) talk

When we went to Ikea to buy Jack's big-boy bed this weekend, we went with a specific model in mind -- the Hemnes bed.

We liked the style, and we really liked the color. Josh and I like dark wood, and this fit our taste, so screw whatever the kid wants. There will be no racecar beds in this house.

But we didn't have a handle on what size bed we planned to buy. I was going in with the idea that we would buy the full-size bed, because he would grow into it and could keep it for many, many years. Also, Jack likes to sleep sideways in his crib, so I figured this would give him more room to do that without ending up on the floor every night. Josh was going in with the idea that a twin bed would fit better in his room and if we needed to buy him a bigger bed in 10 years, it was only an Ikea bed so we wouldn't break the bank buying another one later.

Unfortunately we didn't square either of our views with the other and debated the topic ad naseum in the bed section at Ikea while Jack ran around like a maniac, rolling on all the beds and throwing himself on the floor.

After the 30th incarnation of "Well I don't know, what do you think?" Josh threw down the gauntlet.

"If we get the full size, we're definitely not having another kid," he said.

I'm sorry, what? Did you just base our future reproductive decisions on an IKEA BED FRAME? I mean I like self-assembled Swedish furniture as much as the next person, but oh my holy hell, you must me kidding me.

His reasoning was that if we have a third child, then the same-sex children would share Jack's current room. Our fourth and fifth bedrooms are in the lowest level of the house, two floors away from our bedroom, and the distance makes us uneasy when it comes to kids sleeping down there. Two full-size beds and two dressers in his room would be quite cramped, but that's also a whole lot of years down the road.

In typical Amy fashion, I got a little huffy with him and said he was ridiculous and I couldn't believe that we were having that discussion in the Ikea bedroom department.

"And I am telling you right now, I AM SO BLOGGING ABOUT THIS," I announced.

That got a smirk out of him. But he stood his ground.

We came home with the twin bed, in case you were wondering.

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