Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bumper cars

This morning we were eating breakfast as we normally do in the dining room. Jack was fooling around like he normally does and looking for an excuse to leave the table like he normally does. I was multi-tasking like I normally do, getting food for him and helping Emmie with hers.

He told me he was done and informed me "I carry applesauce" to the sink to put the dish away. I turned to put his plate in the kitchen and heard the glass bowl of applesauce hit the ground followed by a scream.

I turned around to see him laying on the floor, the chair on its back, in front of the bench we have in there. He clearly had tipped backwards when he tried to push the chair back and I am 99.9 percent sure he whacked his noggin on the edge of the bench.

I scooped him up and expected to see blood everywhere, but found none. Instead, I found an alarmingly large bump already forming. I helped him up and comforted him with some hugs while trying to decide what action to take. I grabbed the phone and called his father, who was of no help whatsoever as he was on a train between Chicago and Bloomington. He did, however, answer the SECOND time I called him. He suggested I call the pediatrician. If nothing else, Jack's timing was impeccable because he fell a mere three minutes after the office opened for the day.

As I was dialing the number, he made a miraculous recovery as evidenced by his crossing the room and throttling his sister. I was describing his fall to the nurse while Emmie was screaming in the background, and when she sympathetically asked if that was him, I breezily replied, "Oh no. That's his sister who he just hit. He's actually in a timeout." Everyone had a good chuckle over that one. Except Emmie, who really found nothing funny about it.

The nurse said we didn't need to worry unless he was vomiting or bleeding, of which he was doing neither. The bump was now so large it was making his hair stick out funny, but she assured me it was probably fine.

So I packed them up and took them to the Children's Museum as planned. I figured if he started puking and passed out, I could always blame it on them and sue for big money.

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Blogger Monica said...

Poor little Jack. Trying to be such a big boy. I hope you're keeping a journal of all his "adventures". I write in Ethan's book whenever stuff like this happens.
As far as the bump, they always look worse than they are. Ice is the best thing right after a fall. At least you didn't have pictures scheduled.

February 5, 2009 7:38 AM  
Blogger sarah said...

Poor Jack!! I hope the bump is going away!!

February 7, 2009 4:52 PM  

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