Monday, April 14, 2008

Wait, it's not over!

Remember when I posted that Jack was going to grow up stupid because he didn't get into a 2 1/2-year-old preschool program and we were all doomed, DOOMED?

Well fate was smiling upon me because we have him all signed up and ready to go in the fall. I am going to have to light a candle on the menorah in thanks for this one, since he will be attending the Jewish Community Center preschool.

After our fruitless attempts to get him into our two desired, pretty, pretty preschools, I was in a little funk. As was my friend, who is the mommy to Jack's main squeeze. She heard through the grapevine that the JCC had a program and it was reasonable so she checked it out and liked it enough to sign her daughter up. She suggested I take the tour because they had a few spots left.

Last week I showed up for my tour and upon entering the building, the first kid I saw was wearing an Albert Pujols Cardinals jersey. It was a sign -- how often do you see a Cardinals fan mere blocks from Wrigley Field? Not too often, let me tell you.

I thought it was cute. There were little tables and a rug for circle time and cubbies for their little items and coat hooks for their wee coats and one of the first questions out of my mouth was "How many spots do you have for next year?" The director responded I would get the last one and I signed on the dotted line. He'll go two days a week for two hours. It will cost the same amount that my parents paids to send me to private high school. Yes, we are paying for four hours what my parents paid for 40. But this is the city, and frankly, the price is reasonable compared to some of the programs.

For those that don't know us that well, and frankly how can you not know us that well if you read this blog as I talk about my CERVIX every five seconds, Josh was raised Jewish and I was raised Catholic. I think we would both classify ourselves as non-practicing and we definitely are not raising these children with or as a part of any religion. Morals and values, yes. Religion, not so much.

Imagine our surprise to see our son attending a Jewish preschool! And yes, it is definitely a religious curriculum. They told me they base the lessons loosely around the Jewish calendar. So, for instance, right now they are learning about Passover and doing ... well I have no idea other than having a Seder. And at Channukah I bet they make little menorahs. And all the things in the room are labeled in both English and Hebrew.

But you want to know something interesting? They said 40 percent of the families are not Jewish. Who doesn't like diversity and learning something new about different cultures and religions? And as Josh likes to point out, Judaism and Christianity share the Old Testament, so there's that. He's not really down with JC, though I like to point out that JC was a Jew too. He's not impressed.

But we're comfortable with the fact that Jack's going to be 2 years old and he's certainly not going to come home asking for a Bar Mitzvah. If he comes home singing the dreidel song, cool. Talks about lighting the Menorah, spiffy. If he wants to wear a yarmulke, I think I'll be drawing the line on that one.

But no matter. It's preschool for 2 1/2-year-olds. They're going to play and paint and learn to walk in a line and hold hands. If they want him to do it with a Jewish slant, be my guest.

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Blogger tutugirl1345 said...

This makes me think of my boyfriend's preschool experience. He's Jewish, but was sent to a church preschool. When he was 4 or 5, he demanded that his parents let him have Christmas. They let him have a stocking with one present. Don't worry- he's still Jewish, but he does love his Christmas carols.

I'm sure Jack will have a great time at his school next year!

April 14, 2008 10:45 PM  
Blogger Monica said...

as I sit here reading your blog, my son is at preschool. you will sooo look forward to him going to school. You and Emmie can enjoy some girl time, go shopping, drink lattes, milk for her of course.

April 15, 2008 10:11 AM  

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